The 'living' garden!  Full of fruiting trees, all sorts of insects and bird life, and of course, lovely flowers.


Being a living garden we have added lots of flowers grasses and shrubs to encourage  insect life.  This in turn helps the orchard by pollinating the tree blossoms in spring and so producing lots of fruit in the summer.


Wander through the grassy paths that meander around the trees and enjoy the beauty of the many trees and insects. There are several tables and chairs where you can sit and admire the view and enjoy the sounds.  


In one corner of the orchard is a child's playhouse and picnic area.  Here the children can be educated and entertained by the environment.


Another feature of the orchard is the lovely water fountain.  At the top of the orchard, with a vista from the Magnolia Lawn, our 'cup runneth over' fountain gently splashes adding a relaxing sound to a beautiful orchard.

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