Frequently Asked Questions with Answers 

This page is designed to help you decide what you want for your event.  It is separated into 4 sections:


  • Venue Costs

  • Reception and Catering

  • Entertainment and Activity

  • Miscellaneous Questions



Venue Costs

“Does the one day hire include set up time before and clean up time after?”

We never book Glenview for two consecutive days, so when you book for the day you get exclusive access for that day, plus you also get access the day before for set up and access until 1pm the day after for clean up and to collect any cars left in the car park overnight.


“Can we just have our photos at Glenview Country Gardens, and how much will that cost?”

Yes you can just have photos taken here. It costs $400 incl GST.


“Do you have special winter prices?”

Sorry, no.  All prices are the same all through the year.

“How do we pay you?”

Internet banking is the preferred option but we do accept cash.  No cheques please.  A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking, and the remainder of your total fee plus your bond (if applicable) must be made in full, one month before the event.

Reception and Catering questions

“Can we have alcohol?”

Yes you can supply your own alcohol, but as a general rule no more than one standard drink per person per hour please.  We do not allow intoxicated people on the premises so if you are going to supply sufficient alcohol for that to be a risk then you must have a registered bar manager to manage the drinks and prevent this from happening (caterers can generally organise this).  We can organise this for you if you wish, but an additional fee applies for us to do this.  If you intend to have copious amounts of alcohol freely available at your wedding reception please have your reception (or a post reception party) somewhere else.

“Can we have a BBQ meal?”

Yes.  Self catered or we could organise caterers for this.  There is an additional fee for us to organise this for you.

“Can we have a picnic?”

Sure.  You are welcome to self cater and arrange it yourselves, or we can arrange any/all of this for you.  There is an additional fee if you want us to organise it for you.

“Is there somewhere else near that we can hire for an indoors ceremony or reception?”

We do have a barn that is 100 m2 that includes seating arrangements for 70 people and an atttached marquee that can be easily arranged to accommodate a ceremony if the weather becomes inclement, but if you want an alternative backup option and don't want to hire a marquee then yes, there are several options.  Kelson community Centre, Kelson school hall, Belmont Domain or Avalon Park hall.  You can see their details on the Hutt City Council web site (  Alternatively there are plenty of bars and clubs in Lower Hutt and Petone available to hire if you want that sort of reception or post reception function, i.e. somewhere to go for drinks and dancing after our 11pm closing time.

“What water and electricity facilities do you have?”

We have running water from town water supply available at several places around the gardens and at the barn.  We have multiple 230 volt 10 amp (standard three pin fittings) power supplies at the barn, at the magnolia lawn, at the toilet block and at the summer house, and we have permanent lighting at the barn, car park, magnolia lawn, oriental garden, toilet block and the garden paths in between.  Temporary electricity supplies can also be provided to any other garden of your choice, or you could hire a generator.

“How many tables and chairs can we fit in one marquee?”

A marquee 12m x 6m can comfortably fit 200 people standing, 100 people sitting in rows, or 60 people sitting at tables.  One marquee 12m x 30m can comfortably fit 200 people sitting at tables, a servery, a stage and a dance floor (though please note restrictions on music apply).

Entertainment and Activity questions
“Can we have a bouncy castle for the kids?”

Yes.  But that will be at your own expense to hire the bouncy castle and at your own time and responsibility to set it up, supervise it, and pack it away afterwards.  Permanent power supplies are available at various locations around the garden including both ends of the Magnolia Law, or we can arrange to get a temporary power supply to whatever location you choose for it.

“For the Treasure Hunt, does Glenview supply the treasure?”


“Can we have fireworks?”

Sparklers are allowed so long as someone responsible is designated to ensure they are used safely.  Other fireworks are only allowed under special conditions and controls including a pre-designated sober operator, a designated launch site, crowd control measures and plenty of notice so that we can let the neighbours know to move their animals away.

“Can we have candles in the barn?”

Yes, so long as they are in purpose designed enclosures or holders to prevent accidents.

"What age group is the Treasure Hunt aimed at?"

The treasure hunt is suitable for ages 5-12yr olds.  Children under the age of 14 need to be under adult supervision at all times.

"How long does the Treasure Hunt take?"

Around 1 hour.

“Can we supply our own music?”

Yes, but no heavy metal music, music with offensive lyrics, or overly loud music is allowed. We do not allow live bands.  We do allow DJ's so long as any music after dark is inside the barn.  You are welcome to have music in the gardens, but noise must not be so loud that one would need to shout to communicate, and all music in the gardens must stop by nightfall.  Bass levels of any amplified music need to be kept down so that it does not create a nuisance for neighbours.  Note that all noise must stop by 11pm - the last hour from 11pm to 12pm is for quiet pack up activities only, and the venue must be fully vacated by 12pm.  Anyone creating noise at the venue, including anyone playing live or pre-recorded music, must be made aware of these conditions.

"Can we go later than the 11pm closing time?"

Sorry but 'no'.  All noise must be 'turned off' by 11pm and the gates are locked at 12pm. Clean up can be done the following day until 1pm.  You are welcome to have just your ceremony, photos and refreshments at Glenview then move on elsewhere for a reception if you wish, or have your formal reception here followed by drinks and dancing at a local bar or club (hiring the local double decker bus is a popular option to transport people there).  You are welcome to leave cars at the venue overnight and collect them the next morning.

“Can we arrange for our own entertainment?"

Sure, but prior approval is essential as some forms of entertainment would not be acceptable.

Miscellaneous questions

"Do we hire just one garden or do we have use of all the gardens?"

You and your guests get to have access to all the gardens mentioned on our website.  The few paths that go through from the garden to the house next to the gardens (where we live) are clearly marked "private" during events.  The house and the garden have separate clearly marked independent entrances.

“When can we come for a rehearsal?

You will need to book a time, preferably at the same time as you book the event itself.  An allowance for one practice is included in your venue hire price.  It is best for the rehearsal to be at least 2 days before the event so we have time to re-organise or add anything extra that you realise at the rehearsal you would like for the event (e.g. taking hay bales to the hilltop).

Can your venue be used for same sex marriages or civil union ceremonies?

Sorry, but 'no'.  Use of the venue is only available to members of the Glenview Country Gardens Club and such activities are prohibited in the Club rules.  In case you are wondering, under the law the discrimination provisions of the Human Rights Act do not apply to the way services or facilities are provided to club members.

“Do you allow people to set doves free?”

Yes, and with suitable notice can provide white doves for you to release for an extra fee if you wish.

“Can a stretched limousine or bus go down your drive?”

Yes.  We have had the biggest limousine in Wellington come down the drive to Glenview, the popular 15 seater Hummer, and the local bus company has confirmed that their double decker could easily come to either the house or the barn.  Note though, please let us know if you intend to have a bus or limousine come to the house (rather than to the gardens or barn) so we can make sure the turning area is clear of other vehicles.

“Can we or our guests smoke on the premises?”

Yes, but only in designated outdoor areas, and only legal substances thank you.

“Can I bring my dog (or any other animal)?”

Not in general.  It depends on what you want to bring and how well behaved they are.  Guide dogs are welcome, and trained, well behaved dogs that belong to the bride and groom and are part of the wedding party are also welcome, but anything else please ask. 

“Can we release Helium balloons?”


“Can you provide a celebrant?”

We don’t have a Glenview Country Gardens celebrant.

"How long do wedding photos generally take on your property?"

Traditionally wedding photos have taken up to 3 hours (including family group and formal photos).

"Can the bride arrive on horse back, or in a horse and cart?"

Yes you are welcome to do so if you organise this yourself (though we can provide contacts from local horse owners if you wish)

"Do you have wheelchair access?" 

Yes, although there are several sets of steps, all our gardens can be accessed by wheelchair by alternative routes.  We also have a wheelchair toilet facility.

"Do your steps have hand rails for the elderly?

Yes, most of our steps have hand rails, but you can access all areas of the garden without needing to use steps.