Activity Gardens

Maze Garden
Games Garden

These three gardens are designed to entertain the young and the young at heart. The Games Garden has the giant chess set and chess board, giant siloam and petanque; The Maze Garden is a real challenge to work through and the Bird Garden has lots of different birds  - some hidden in the shubbery for people to try and spot.


Glenview Challenge and Treasure Hunt

To add to the activies of Glenview we have available the Glenview Challenge and a Treasure Hunt.  Both of which require people to run all over the Glenview property completing tasks for the challenge or following clues for the treasure hunt. 


The Glenview Challenge is for 10yr olds and up and a minimum of 15 players.  It requires teams to photograph and make videos themselves completing set activities around Glenview and then, after the appointed time, all teams assemble for an awards ceremony and to view a powerpoint presentation of the best of the photos.  A Glenview prize is given out to the winning team.  The cost is $200 and it is a great team game with lots of creativity, fresh air and great team bonding experiences.


There are two organised Treasure Hunts available, one for 5-8 yr olds and the other for 9-12yr olds.  Lots of fun for participant and spectator alike.  The cost is $50 per treasure hunt organised.



A lovely area that keeps people together.  In one corner we have the petanque court for those who enjoy eye-hand co-ordination games, in another corner we have the siloam tower (giant Jenga) for those that like some excitement, and off to the side we have the giant chess set for those that like strategy games.  Great outdoor fun.


In view of all this is the elevated persian carpet.  A flower garden arranged symetrically which adds a touch of beauty and elegance to the Games Garden, and a lovely back drop for photos.

This garden is for those that enjoy a physical challenge.  Up and down the hill, through gates and finally you reach your destination - a lovely decked lookout with views of the gardens and Hutt Valley.  The fences are only 1m high, but no taking shortcuts as the wire fences have boysenberry vines growing on them.


There are different configurations and it is possible to customise the maze to suit different age groups.  Which gates are locked and which gates can you open?  How can you reach the lookout?  Come and find out!

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