Catering couldn't be easier!  You are welcome to arrange your own caterers or we can arrange caterers for you.  


At Glenview we understand how important it is to get special events right!  This means that the meal or refreshments you provide your guests needs to be in the style, budget and standard that you want.  We have given you that flexibility by allowing you to choose whether you self cater (making your own) or hire your own caterers, or you can commission Glenview to arrange your catering for you.  

Alcohol is allowed and you are welcome to bring your own, but please no more than one standard drink per person per hour.  We do not charge corkage fees.  However, we do not allow intoxicated people on the premises so if you are going to supply sufficient alcohol for that to be a risk then we require you to have a registered bar manager to manage the drinks.  We can organize this for you if you wish or if you have caterers then they generally have a bar manager that can help you.  If your intention is to have copious amounts of alcohol freely available then please have your reception somewhere else, as such behavior is not acceptable at Glenview.

Dine in the onsite barn or hire a marquee... or perhaps you would like the real country flavour by dining picnic style on the Hill Top.  Which ever way, it's your event it's your choice!

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